The Clear Way is long term support for full Self-realization.
— Kosi

The Clear Way Master Course is long term support for the direct discovery of your eternal nature, which is free from fear, sadness, anxiety, stress, and many other forms of suffering. It is a non-dual teaching for anyone with the maturity required to intimately examine the powerful movements of mind that generate suffering. This program provides the support essential for your own direct experience of the pure peace, happiness, and joy of your real nature and is designed to provide long-term continuous support for those who want full liberation, or feel deeply called to lead satsang, or use the skills offered here in your healing or therapeutic practice.

Awakening to your true nature represents a dynamic shift in your perception from the limitations of your genetic mind to the indescribable freedom of your heart. The initial awakening is a life changing shift in perception, but even after the most profound moments of awakening or realization old patterns of suffering can re-emerge. The purpose of the Clear Way is to provide the long term support essential to break free of even the most stubborn patterns of suffering. With the proper support and after many years of inquiry and spiritual practice the dynamic shift in your perception evolves as a natural organic deepening into the truth of your being. 

The Clear Way provides the essential support for what is known as self-realization or liberation—the mastery required to abide in the living bliss of your being. This is a process that requires a serious commitment to your own spiritual evolution. Mastery requires ten to twelve years of rigorous practice to break free from the very strong movements of your genetic mind. The Clear Way is comprised of people in many different stages of spiritual development, but whether you see yourself as a beginner or advanced seeker, the primary focus of this program is the eternal freedom known as self-realization, enlightenment, or liberation. 

The Clear Way is a series of online satsangs and two week long retreats held in various locations throughout Europe. One week long retreat is held every spring in Switzerland and the fall is held in different locations. Although it takes many years for mastery, we recognize that it is hard to know if you can make a long term commitment. We recommend that you make at least a one year commitment to this program, but you can participate in the fall retreat without making a long term commitment to see for yourself if this program resonates with you. 

Feeling Called to Join?

Introduction to the Clear Way
Fall Retreat

October 22, 2016 through October 29, 2016
Turin Italy

Tuition: 895

Note: The tuition includes the cost of your room in Turin and one year of online meetings. It does not cover food or travel expenses.

The annual tuition can be paid all at once or monthly. The annual program represents a one year commitment. It includes both the spring and fall retreats plus all online satsangs. It does not include travel or accommodation expenses. Scholarships are available for anyone who would like to attend, but cannot afford the tuition.

Tuition: 2100 CHF

Tuition: 175 CHF per Month


This website is the community website designed to support Clear Way members. You are welcome to enjoy our soundscapes and guided meditations. For more information about the Clear Way please select the link below, which will take you to page that describes the Clear Way and the teaching in more detail.